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New England Chapter
American Society for Indexing


2014-2015 Officers Melissa Swamy, President, melissa.swamy@yahoo.com
Naomi Martin naomimartin05@gmail.com
Michelle Guiliano, Secretary, twoponyfarm@gmail.com
Jennifer Spanier, Treasurer, jennifer@spanierindexing.com

Description of officer positions


Terms of Office

Terms of office are for one year, except for the treasurer, which is for two years. Terms of office, since 2002, have coincided with the calendar year. Until 2001, terms of office went from May one year until May the following year, to coincide with the terms of office of the national officers of the American Society for Indexing.


2013-2014 Ceilyn Boyd
2011-2013 Steve Ingle
2010 Linda Dunn
2009 Steve Csipke
2008 Jean Jesensky
2007 Heather Dubnick
2006 Heather Hedden
2005 Melanie Piper
2003 and 2004 Jennifer Ammirati-Doyle
2002 Joan Shapiro
2001 Debbie Graf
2000-01 John Sullivan
1999-2000 Ann V. Daley
1998-99 Susan Holbert
1997-98 Barbara Stroup
1996-97 Diane Benison
1995-96 Marilyn J. Rowland (our first chapter president)


NEASI presidents (left-right): Steve Csipke (2009), Jean Jesensky (2008), Heather Dubnick (2007), Heather Hedden (2006)
at the annual spring post-conference dinner out at the Naked Fish restaurant in Framingham, May 7, 2009.


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